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1. Use of vehicle

Renter receives on rental the vehicle described on the obverse page, in good order and condition, together with all car documents, tyres, tools and accessories and undertakes to take care of them and operate vehicle in accordance with the regulations of the Road Traffic Code. It is expressly prohibited:

  • For vehicle to be driven by persons who are not authorised on the obverse page.
  • To carry passengers or goods when this implies subletting vehicle directly or indirectly.
  • To carry persons or goods without having obtained the corresponding official permits. In case of non-observance, the renter will be responsible for any penalty provided by law.
  • To drive vehicle when driver’s physical condition is impaired by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
  • To use vehicle to propel or tow other vehicles.
  • To participate with the vehicle in any kind of race or other competitions.
  • To break the seal of or to interfere with vehicle’s odometer. Its failure must be immediately notified to Lessor.
  • To drive the vehicle to another country without having obtained the explicit approval of Rent a Car Denia, S.A.


2. Return of vehicle

Renter undertakes to return the rented vehicle, together with all its documents, tyres, tools and accessories in the place and date specified on the obverse page. Any alteration to the agreed place and date of return must be previously authorised by the Lessor in writing. Nonfulfillment of this condition entitles Lessor to demand by Law the return of vehicle.

3. Rental charges

Renter acknowledges personal liability to pay Lessor:

  • Charges for rental of vehicle, delivery and collection, insurance, gasoline and taxes specified in Lessor’s standing tariff. The application of tariff originally agreed is subject to the return of vehicle on the place and date specified on the obverse page.
  • All charges for loss of car documents as well as for missing tyres, tools and accessories, including damages to rims and tyres by fault of or due to negligence by the renter.
  • Lessor’s costs to repair accidental damages caused to vehicle whenever:
    1. Vehicle is not operated in accordance with all the terms hereof.
    2. An accident report is not forwarded to Lessor within the specified time hereof or that report misconstrues the accident facts.
    3. Renter has not purchased in advance the collision damage waiver. In this case Renter will be liable for the collision deductible specified in Lessor’s standing tariff, even if accident is not caused through Renter’s fault, when Lessor will claim accidental damage through the insurance company and will reimburse Renter once it has been collected.
  • All fines and legal costs for traffic and other legal violations caused through Renter’s fault during rental period.
  • In case of filling up the tank with the wrong petrol, the client must pay the resulting costs (breakdown lorry, emptying of deposit, etc.).
  • If the client decides to terminate the rental before the date indicated in the rental contract, he is not entitled to the refund of the amount corresponding to the days the vehicle was not used.


4. Insurance

Renter and authorised drivers on the obverse page, participate of the benefit of a motor insurance policy underwritten by Lessor, of unlimited civil liability, in the following cases:

  • That Renter in case of accident, sends an accident report to Lessor within 48 hours from time of accident.
  • That claim is not rejected by Lessor’s insurance company because driver’s physical conditions were impaired whilst driving vehicle, as specified by the Road Traffic Code.

Renter's and authorized driver's immediate family, partners and employees do not qualify as third party and they are not covered by the motor insurance policy.

Loss, theft or damage to any property transported in the vehicle is expressly excluded from the insurance policy.

Also excluded from the insurance policy are damages to the rims, pneumatics, the bottom, wheels, windscreen and glass, except in the case that these elements are covered, as the Renter has contracted a SCDW VIP (Super Collision Damage Waiver) insurance.

The insurance policy underwritten by Lessor also provides Renter and authorized drivers with bail bond and legal defence, which might be required in a criminal cause.

Renter´s liability for loss or damage caused to rented vehicle, provided it is operated in accordance with the terms hereof, is fully covered against fire and theft and limited for collision damage, to the deductible amount (300 € or 500 €, according to the group of the rented vehicle).

The amount mentioned above will be charged to Renter’s credit card and will be reimbursed if the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was handed over.

The amount of the retention varies according to the type of vehicle, with the following amounts established for the individual vehicle groups:

  • Groups A to C2: 300,00€
  • Groups D to F1: 400,00€
  • Groups G + H: 500,00€

The amount of the retention is eliminated if you contract an “insurance without retention” for the price per day indicated below.
This amount varies according to the type of vehicle, with the following amounts established for the individual vehicle groups:

  • Groups A to C1: 4€ per day
  • Groups D to F1: 5€ per day
  • Groups G to H: 6€ per day


5. Fuel

All vehicles will be handed over with a full deposit.
Therefore, you will be required to pay for the fuel at the beginning of the rental period.
The value of the fuel varies according to the type of vehicle, between 55€ and 140€ depending on the model of vehicle rented.

  • Group A: 70,00€
  • Groups B to C1: 80,00€
  • Groups D to F1, S1: 90,00€
  • Groups G, H, T, W: 140,00€


6. Accidents

Renter agrees to take the following actions in case of accident:

  • To obtain full details of parties involved, and of witnesses, filling in an accident report, which he will send to Lessor, within 48 hours from accident time.
  • Not to admit liability or guilt.
  • To inform the police immediately if another party’s guilt has to be ascertained or if people are injured.
  • Not to abandon rented vehicle without taking adequate provisions for its safeguard.


7. Repairs

Lessor shall reimburse Renter of the expenses for greasing, oil changes and minor repairs (blowouts excepted) up to € 30.05 against presentation of bills or receipts. Towing expenses in case of accident are expressly excluded and shall be at Renter’s expense. Renter agrees to obtain Lessor’s permission to carry out repairs over € 30.05.

If the Renter has the vehicle repaired without having obtained the Lessor’s authorization in writing, or without having informed the Lessor of an accident within the 48 hours specified in paragraph 4, letter a), the Renter loses his right for reimbursement of any costs for the repair.

8. Lessor’s Liability

Lessor has taken all reasonable precautions to prevent mechanical failure of rented vehicle but if such happens, Lessor shall not be liable for any loss or consequential damage arising directly or indirectly from such failures.

9. Charges to Credit Card

The Renter authorizes Rent a Car Denia, S.A., by signing the present contract, to charge to his credit card any outstanding amounts at the termination of the contract for rental charges, damages to the vehicle which are not covered by the described insurance, or costs for any other concept which are to be carried by the Renter. Renter will receive a breakdown of the costs from Lessor.

10. Protection of personal data

We herewith inform you that, as a client of our company, your personal data will be collected in a client database under the responsibility of Rent a Car Denia, S.A. The processing of your data is necessary for the development of our business relations and is subject to be passed on if required by the regulations in force. If you wish, you may exercise your rights of access, amendment, opposition or cancellation of your data by written notification to the address indicated in the present contract.

11. Jurisdiction

In case of divergence both parties agree to submit themselves to the courts of Denia where rental commences, and waive hereby any right to any other jurisdiction.



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